Elementary students can sign, sticker and send video to their classmates with their parents permission. They can keep the yearbook safely stored in the cloud and on their mobile device.

Learn about Elementary School Yearbooks

Sign, sticker and send a video to everyone in your yearbook! Forever Connected yearbooks look exactly like the print yearbook and are always with you on your phone or tablet.

Learn about High School Yearbooks

Just Touch-to-Send™ your classmates a short note, sticker or video right in the yearbook!

Just touch a photo and Touch-To-Send™ will let you sign their book and see their message right from your mobile device! Send a personal message to anyone in the book. Watch video

Sticker your yearbook or just touch-to-send™ a fun sticker to your friend's yearbook! Watch video

You can touch-to-send™ or receive a short video from everyone in the yearbook (optional in-app purchase). Watch video

You're in control.

Your messages are private and can only be seen by the person you send them to. You can block any person or message.

You are protected.

Photos, messages and videos are protected and  ParentScreen™ gives parents peace of mind.

Learn about ParentScreen controls for young children.

Your book is your own.

Your yearbook has personal messages and stickers that are sent just to you. Your personal memories are alive forever!

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