Video messages


Just like with your print yearbook signature message, with an optional in-app purchase, you can Touch-to-send one short, personal, video message to each person in your yearbook.

In-app purchase is not necessary to receive a video from anyone in the yearbook.


You can receive a short video from everyone in the yearbook.

When you send a videos, one to each person, only that person will be able to see it. Sending videos in an optional in-app purchase.

Videos are limited to seven seconds so smile, get right to the message and be nice!

You can re-take the video over and over until you get it just right before you send it, but you can’t un-send or redo a video once it’s been sent.

Videos use your microphone, camera and photo storage, so you’ll need to allow the use of those on your device... it’s strictly for the creation of the videos.


Learn about Yearbook Privacy & Safety and ParentScreen™ Controls for younger students