Leadership team

Fanny Davidson, Founder

Fanny is a proud mother, award-winning UX designer, a serial entrepreneur, and an executive digital product consultant for Fortune 100s for 20+ years. 
Robert & Fanny define the Forever Connected product & business. 

Robert Davidson, Founder

Parent, patent holder, award winning tech designer, creator of over $150m in value-added technology for Fortune 100s.

Robert & Fanny define & guide the Forever Connected product & business.


Scott Nelles, Director Partner Relations

Scott has extensive business development experience in a range of industries. He loves helping clients understand and integrate new technologies to enhance their financial effectiveness and relevancy.

alan gibbons team.jpg

Alan Gibbons, CTO

Alan brings deep technology and mobile tech leadership experience from PepsiCo, AT&T and draws on his prior experience architecting enterprise, high-speed trading systems for CitiGroup & TradeStation.

Graham Clifford, Brand Design

Graham is a highly awarded and accomplished branding and visual designer for some of the world’s great brands


Bob Fleshner, Business Consultant

Bob Fleshner is the founder and president of EPICOACH, LLC, a firm that specializes in Executive, Professional & Individual Coaching. Bob was a former CEO with over 30 years of experience including at UnitedHeath Group. Prior to that an attorney and VP of Law & Real Estate for Feld Entertainment.

Joe Kincart team.jpg

Joe Kincart, Intellectual Property

Joe was Senior Counsel with Clifford Chance Global Intellectual Property Group, developing intellectual property portfolio strategies, and then General Counsel – Patents for Johnson & Johnson.

Jennifer Klear team.jpg

Jennifer Klear, Student Data Protection & Privacy

Jennifer's new media practice specializes in social networking including student speech and COPPA data protection.