You can send up to three stickers and place them in your friends' yearbooks. Just Touch-to-send™! When they tap them, they can see they're from you!

You can also sticker your own yearbook.


You can send up to three stickers to each person in the yearbook.

Tap the person you want to send to, pick STICKER IT.

Pick a sticker and place it anywhere on that page.

You can resize the page as well as the sticker... once the sizes are right, you can rotate...

Tap the sticker to send and off it goes—only that person will see it

You can place stickers on any page. On a portrait page, tap a portrait. On any other page, tap anywhere on the page to select who to send to and place the perfect sticker.

The gray icon on the bottom of their portrait shows how many stickers you sent them.

You can always tap on a sticker you’ve received to see who it’s from...and delete it if you don’t want to see it anymore.

SHOW STICKERS from the top menu lets you turn on or off stickers you received, but also see what you’ve sent to others.


Learn about Yearbook Privacy & Safety and ParentScreen™ Controls for younger students