Online safety & compliance for children

Forever Connected is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge that ensures student data is safeguarded online with legal and regulatory standards including COPPA and specific state requirements. In Canada we comply with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA),

How we protect against bullying

Forever Connected is all about preserving enjoyable, personal memories. To that end the following design & security steps have been made to protect against bullying:

  1. Bullying is often a shaming attack—unlike social media, Forever Connected’s messages are private and not viewable to a group. If I sign your yearbook, no one can see it but you.

  2. Just like in real life, no one can write in your yearbook without your permission. You must accept requests from others before their message appears in your book.

  3. Individual student blocking and individual message blocking by parents (for children under 13) and by 13 and older students is active. In fact, parents need to consent to and enable any messaging at all for their under 13 child.

  4. Text & video content is screened by Amazon AI technology to block offensive, aggressive or hurtful messaging.

The Forever Connected edition is only available to those that have a portrait photo in it—no outsiders.

Private Interactions

Each signature-message is sent privately from one classmate to another, just like with a printed yearbook.

Each signature-message is sent privately from one classmate to another, just like with a printed yearbook.

When your child signs a classmate's printed yearbook, only that student can see that message. It's the same with a Forever Connected digital yearbook — you must allow someone to write in your yearbook and their message can only be seen by you.

The yearbook is copy-protected. You cannot copy or share the yearbook images on social media.

Parents can monitor and filter all interactions—before children see or send them.

You can allow your child to accept messages only from people you want them to hear from and keep those memories forever. They're now on your phone or tablet, wherever you are and always available.

Parents: Find out more about Forever Connected's ParentScreen option.


Your Data is Not Indexed by Search Engines

The yearbook, your child's photos, videos and messages are not indexed by Google and they are not available on the web. They are exclusively available to students and staff pictured in your child's yearbook through a Forever Connected private code that only you have.


Proactive Parental Control

The ParentScreen app empowers parents of very young children to have complete control over safe messaging while using the Forever Connected digital yearbook.

  • Review & block messages before your kids see them

  • Stop messages before your kids can send them

  • Review the history of all messages sent and received—anytime

  • Block specific classmates from interactions