Turn the yearbook PDF into a revenue-generating interactive,  digital book as a package offer with every print book order!


You've partnered with your schools and they've put together the most creative, engaging print yearbook—now take those same print files and effortlessly generate more great memories and additional revenue, with a fully interactive, secure, cloud-archived digital yearbook.
And you can make it exclusively available as a bundled purchase with the print book.

Forever Connected will convert your print files to digital-interactive as well as prepare the security for distribution to students and/or their parents & distribution through the app stores.

Students pays a nominal fee in the app store and schools pay nothing extra!

It's simple and it's safe. Forever Connected is a signatory of the Software Industry Association and Future of Privacy Forum's Student Privacy Pledge, which is a binding commitment to responsible student data management.
We include our patent-pending and COPPA-compliant ParentScreen™ solution, an app that allows parents or school reps to screen messages between students BEFORE they arrive in a student's book.
Students names, photos and yearbook pages do not appear anywhere on the web and are not searchable via Google search or other web search tools. Student photos and messages are only accessible by fellow schoolmates (and their parents).


Here are Marketing Flyers by Grade Level that can be co-branded and distributed to schools, parents and yearbook committees to generate excitement.


It's easy to offer a Forever Connected digital edition

You submit a print-ready PDF, and we'll put it in the app stores & supply your school with student privacy codes & tech support.

Whether as an additional edition or as a fundraiser, PTA-funded edition for graduates, Forever Connected offers the ultimate in pricing flexibility and no multi-year contracts!

1. Price the digital yearbook.

You can price each school's yearbook at any price you like (ending in ".99")

2. Send in PDF

You provide us with a print-quality PDF of the entire book and some information about the school. We make it available at the same time the print book is delivered.

3. Student Privacy codes

If you track individual student buyers, you can do this step using PSPA codes or codes we supply.  Otherwise schools can go to a webpage where they securely submit all students names and our system will return a student privacy code for each student. Only your school's students with codes can access their digital book.

Some printers are printing the codes with the student's name on the inside cover, on the Student flyer or stickering the printed book with the code.  Each student has a unique code that cannot be shared or resused.

We'll provide co-branded flyers, an Excel sheet or a sheet of labels with each student's name and a private passcode, that will give them secure access to the yearbook. You or your schools can distribute these to the students or their parents.

Download & try out the Example Forever Connected Yearbook from the Apple App store, Google Play or Amazon App store.


"Download now" flyers can be co-branded & delivered with yearbooks, printed inside yearbook back page or emailed


Elementary Student Flyer

High School Student Flyer





 Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store


The ability to sign a digital yearbook from one student to another is exclusively held by Forever Connected through Yearbooker, Inc. and protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,030,496 & the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) throughout the world. It covers any and all one-to-one message be it a text signature, video, audio, sticker or freehand drawing from one student in a  yearbook to another.