Signing the Yearbook


Just like with your print yearbook, you can send one personal, signed message to each person in your yearbook. It’s as easy as Touch-to-send™— just touch any portrait photo to get started.


You can sign each person’s yearbook with one text message

Make it great and be nice, because just like the print yearbook, they’ll be seeing it years from now and there’s no taking it back!

Tap the person you want to send to pick “Type it”

Type your message and only they will see it...they’ll see a text talk bubble from you on their yearbook.

And you’ll see a gray icon on the bottom of their portrait that shows that you signed their book.

Tap SENT and you can see what you sent.

NOTIFICATIONS show everything you’ve sent & received—just tap to go to that page

SEARCH shows where anyone is in the book and where any stickers they may have left you are.

If they sent you a text signature or video, you’ll find it on their portrait photo.


Learn about Yearbook Privacy & Safety and ParentScreen™ Controls for younger students