Forever Connected works with all Yearbook Publishers yearbooks!

Step 1

You or Your Yearbook Publisher Sends in Your Yearbook PDF 

If you have already created the layout for your print yearbook, all we need is a copy of the PDF. We can accept any yearbook from PIXAMI or PLIC BOOKS, which will be automatically prepared for us. We can accept any other print-ready PDF.

Learn more about creating a yearbook with Pixami or PLIC Books

If your school doesn't have printed yearbooks, you can create a digital one with us and skip the printed version. Setting up a digital yearbook on Forever Connected is FREE. There is absolutely no cost to the school. 


Yearbook Committee

Talk to your yearbook publisher or send us your PDF directly and we'll take care of the rest.

Yearbook Publishers

Forever Connected's interactive yearbook is directly converted from your print-ready files & can be bundled with your print yearbook sales. Learn how.

Parents & Students

We'll convert the PDF to an interactive book and get you personal book ID codes for students. Tell your yearbook printer!

Simple Steps Once Your School Yearbook Is on Forever Connected

Step 2

Students download the Forever Connected app from the App Store onto their mobile device.

Step 3

Student enter their personal book ID into the app registration screen.

Step 4

Sign, sticker & send a video to classmates! And see what they're saying & sending!



Your school doesn't have yearbooks? You don't know who print your yearbook?

No problem. We can help you figure it out or get a Forever Connected digital book and skip the print version.

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