Forever Connected Yearbooks Are Great for High School Yearbooks!

Sign, sticker and send a video to everyone in your yearbook! Forever Connected yearbooks look exactly like the print yearbook and are always with you on your phone or tablet.

Just Touch-to-Send™ your classmates a short note, sticker or video right in the yearbook!



It's always with you

The printed yearbook is great--and having a mobile version always with you is even sweeter!  Sign, sticker and video your classmates now, during the summer or anytime!

Check your book at college, at work or at the beach.

Backed up

Your yearbook and all the messages, stickers and video are backed up in the cloud, so you'll never lose the precious memories!

You are in control

Messages, stickers & video are one-to-one, so all communication is private.  See something you don't like? Block it, and no one will ever be the wiser.


Environmentally responsible

Your mobile copy, which can be re-downloaded as you get new devices over time, takes up no more paper or shipping resources.

It's Super Affordable

How great is that!?!


It's Easy to Get Your School Yearbook on Forever Connected

If your school has print yearbook, ask your yearbook printer to contact us, we can work with your printer to make it available to everyone in your yearbook.

Don't know who your printer is? Get your yearbook committee to contact us. We can work it out. 

Don't have a yearbook for your school? Contact us, there are ways we can create digital yearbook at really affordable price.