Forever Connected Yearbooks Are Great for Elementary School Yearbooks!

Elementary School

Elementary students can sign, sticker and send video to their classmates with their parents permission. They can keep the yearbook safely stored in the cloud and on their mobile device.

Just Touch-to-Send™ your classmates a short note, sticker or video right in the yearbook!


Your digital yearbook is engaging

Zoom in and out, search for classmates & messages, and the image quality stays fresh and protected. Kids love their devices, so why not have their yearbook on it?

It's won't be damaged or lost

Accidently deleted? Lost or damaged device? Just login to your account and download a new copy.

Environmentally friendly

Your mobile yearbook lasts and a separate copy is automatically saved on cloud servers.

No additional resources are used for copies on multiple devices. Easy to download a new copy on a new device years into the future.

Safely learn about social networking early

Forever Connected yearbooks are a great way for young children to learn about social networking, in a safe, private network of only the people in the yearbook--no strangers.

And with the ParentScreen™ companion app (see below), parents can monitor and manage their child's messages.

Elementary students can sign, sticker and send & receive videos to their classmates with their parents permission.

Safe Messaging for young children: COPPA Compliance 

Forever Connected is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge that ensures student data is safeguarded inline with legal and regulatory standards. Learn more


Extra Protection with ParentScreen

ParentScreen™ empowers parents to control safe messaging while using Forever Connected digital yearbook. With the ParentScreen companion app, parents have full visibility and control into their young elementary school child's activity.