Introducing the Digital Church Directory to power up your photography business

Message from Chris Wunder

There’s a huge, largely untapped Family Portraiture market out there that local photographers have been missing for years. Instead, out-of-state, mass-market photography companies drop-in to your community for a few days or weeks at a time and siphon-off these Clients AND the sales they generate. Nationally, this is a $100+ million dollar business going into their pockets; not to local photographers.

The Digital Church Directory opens up new opportunities for portrait photographers

A few photographers are aware of this lucrative market, but don’t know how it works or how to get and service the accounts. Many think they need a big staff and lots of equipment to take on these accounts. Many think they can’t compete against these large out-of-town photography companies. 

ANY photographer with good portraiture, sales and customer service skills CAN be successful making BIG MONEY photographing Families in volume for Portrait Membership Directories at Churches and Synagogues, Country Clubs, Homeowner Associations, PTA Groups, Sports Leagues, Clubs and Organizations! Forever Connected Membership Directories brings a fresh, new approach to profitable, high-volume Family Portraiture. We’ve brought together a great team of experts to help you get started and prosper with this lucrative program.  


Portrait Studio and Wedding Photographers

You’ll fill in the gaps in your promotional marketing calendar to improve your cash flow; year-round. You’ll build the BEST client database ever for the lowest cost per lead. These leads will produce all kinds of business for you in years to come; including newborn and children’s photography, high school Seniors, engagement and wedding photos, headshots and future family portraits as well.


High-Volume Photographers

The year-round nature of the Membership Directory business helps remove the seasonality from your business, improves cash flow in slower months, and provides more work for your seasonal help which can reduce turnover among your best employees. Most of all, Directory programs can lead to other types of high-volume programs that are associated with the group. For example, doing a Church Directory program can lead to getting the Church School Photo contract, their Childcare / Preschool account and their Church Sports League account. Plus, get more revenue from Accounts you already have! Adding the Forever Connected Membership Directory App program for PTA’s, Sports Leagues, Dance Schools, etc. can provide client appreciation and additional fundraising for them, and more profits to you.

WIN-WIN-WIN for All Involved

The Sponsoring Group

The Sponsoring Group (Church, Country Club, Organization, etc.) WINS by receiving a valuable communication tool (the Membership Directory or App) created by you, the photographer on a complimentary basis for every family that chooses to participate.


You WIN by getting EXCLUSIVE access to photograph and sell portraits to a high volume of families in a short period of time, on a schedule you set around your other photography obligations, year-round. Plus, the contacts you develop thru the Members you photograph can lead to many other types sessions / accounts you can photograph in the future. 

Money Calculated

Membership Directory programs provide year-round profit potential!  Most photographers have some seasonality when cash flow is at a low.  Membership Directory programs can quickly turn break-even or deficit months into big profit makers.  Here’s an example of the metrics to consider:

Your profitability in any Membership Directory program will be driven by the size of the organization photographed, the number of members who actually have portraits taken, the average portrait sale per family and your management of overhead costs and any additional labor you hire out.  We estimate a 60% profit when average performance metrics are achieved and only the Digital Directory is offered.  Otherwise, your results may vary.

For example, if you contract with a medium-size Church or Country Club where 250 members are photographed, and you average a minimum $125 sale per family, your gross sales will be $31,250.  With average performance metrics, your profit would be about 60% if only a Digital Directory is offered. That’s $18,750 profit to you after paying your two associates used on the shoot. It would take 12.5 days to do the promotion using In-person sales, and 10 days to do it if using online proofing.  

Compared with other types of high-volume promotions like School and Sports Leagues, this might seem like a substantially lower return per day worked. However, when you consider that Directory programs have no seasonality, and can in fact be done any time of the year; especially when you need more cash flow, the financial results can positively and substantially affect your annual bottom line!

In fact, considering the sample case above, you can earn a SIX FIGURE PERSONAL INCOME just by photographing SIX accounts annually equaling the performance metrics shown!

The Forever Connected App brings the functionality of the printed Membership directory to the palm of your hand and adds modern connectivity.  Your clients will be able to put names and faces together thru your portraits posted to the App and connect with other members thru talk, text and email with the same Forever Connected App; safely and securely.  Best yet, ACT NOW and you could be the FIRST Studio in your area to make this powerful communication tool available in your area!


Forever Connected’s Secure Technology

Even if you’ve tried or thought about the Portrait Membership Directory Market before, NOW’S THE TIME to see how much has changed (for the better) with the Forever Connected Directory App Program!

Today’s Families tend to be more connected than ever before. Traditional printed photo Directory programs have and continue to serve the Church and Country Club market. What’s NEW is the Forever Connected App which brings the functionality of the printed Membership directory to the palm of your hand. Your clients will be able to put names and faces together thru your portraits posted to the App and connect with other members thru talk, text and email with the same Forever Connected App; safely and securely.


Choose Printed, Digital or Both

The Forever Connected Membership Directory Program is flexible to suit your clients’ needs.  For more “Traditional” Memberships, we can offer both printed Directories and the Forever Connected App. Members can choose which type of Membership Directory best fits their personal needs.

For Memberships that will appreciate a more modern, tech-savvy & environmentally-friendly alternative to printed directories, you can elect to offer the Forever Connected App as a solo act. This can provide you some BIG cost-savings and provide faster delivery to your clients.


Two Digital Options

There are two versions of the Directory available in the app.  The “Ultra” version mirrors a traditional printed directory in every way; including activity photos and commentary about the organization’s recent and historical events. The standard version features Member’s photos, contact info, and full functionality of the Forever Connected App without the extra activity photos and commentary.  The standard version is our most budget-friendly offer and can be delivered most quickly.


What’s in The Program

Forever Connected Membership Directories have patented innovative technology your Clients will want. Proven over four years of use, it’s simple and easy to use on iOS and Android phones.

We’ll provide all the training and support you’ll need and will provide technical support to your customers using it.

Administrators can update new members and contact information in real-time, providing you with an innovative way to see who’s new in the organization and when the time is right to do more portrait sessions.

You won’t have to worry about the tech!


Our educational affiliate, will provide all the know-how you need to get the business accounts, organize and conduct your picture-day sessions, and sell your portraits.  Mr. Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog. ASP, the nations #1 authority on High-Volume Photography heads up our training program. The training manual is available at nominal cost.


When a traditional Directory layout is required, whether it be for a full-digital or printed directory, our Directory Software Partners can provide you with automated software applications that will allow you to design the directory in-house in hours, not days. The software is easy to use and NO graphic arts experience required!  (Additional fees may apply)


just tap to Call, get DIRECTIONS, email or text

just tap to Call, get DIRECTIONS, email or text

When a traditional PRINTED Directory is required, our recommended Publishing Partners can provide great quality, prices and fast turnaround; even on short runs. Some of our Publishers even provide the automated layout software FREE when you choose them for your printed directory output. This can save you money when a printed Directory is required. 


Best of all, all this is surprisingly affordable!  With our “Mobile Directory” program, your investment starts at only $2.30 per household in membership. With our “Mobile Directory ULTRA” program, you may optionally add the cost of church templating software.  This is substantially less than the traditional cost of directory programs, but when a printed book is also required, printing costs will also apply.

For page-turn “book” option and create a printable version, build your book with Pixami Directory Pro


Get started on the road to making more money in photography and a brighter financial future!

We’d love to tell you more about Forever Connected’s Membership Directory Program. You’ll be able to ask questions and get a personal response from our Staff.