It's a 1-on-1 Interactive App Version of a Photo Memory Book or Your Yearbook

Forever Connected is based on your printed memory book or yearbook—when someone takes a pen and signs your printed book, it's personal to you—no one else can see it. 

And that's exactly how Forever Connected works. What makes it so amazing is that all the signatures and end-of-year messages are just for you — and the messages that you send are only seen by the classmates you send them to. 

All on the exact print layout! 

Personal, just like the printed book, but available wherever you are, whenever you want to see it, and digital cloud-backed up, ready for the newest and even future technologies.

 Forever Connected yearbook signatures are personal, one-to-one messages

It's Private and Safe

Your Forever Connected book is only accessible by the people that are in it. The images and pages are not on the internet and not accessible in Google search.

Forever Connected provides an private book ID ensuring only you and those authorized in the book have access.

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 Your yearbook won't be searchable by Google.

All your Yearbook & Memory books from now on!

Your yearbook printer can provide a Forever Connected digital edition of your yearbook—which looks exactly like the printed version, but is alive with stickers, end-of-year signatures, messages and even short videos— all private from your classmates just to you.

And each year, your yearbook archive and the personal memories that go with it are safely stored.

Yearbooks are available from leading yearbook publishers.

Yearbook printers: Find out how to distribute your schools' yearbooks on Forever Connected

 You yearbooks from each year are stored in the cloud with custom messages from your classmates, always available to download.

Each person in the book can...

  • Send one signature message to every other person/student in the book

  • Send up to three stickers to every other person/student in the book

  • Send up to ten, 7-second video messages to ten individual students. (optional video packs are available for $0.99 for ten videos, but only one video can be sent to any individual student)

  • Sticker their own book


See the features in action on our YouTube channel

Forever Connected Yearbooks:

  • Forever Connected doesn't replace your yearbook printers page layout program. Your yearbook must be designed and available as a PDF.

  • Forever Connected is not a group sharing platform. It's for private 1:1 end-of-year signatures, stickers and very short videos.

  • Forever Connected is not a "messaging app".  It allows each student to send one personal end-of-year message /signature, some stickers and one very short video to each classmate as a memento of the year.

  • Students under 13 must have mutual parent consent to send or see messages or signatures to or from each other. See Privacy & Safety.

  • It's not on the web! It's a mobile app.


Forever Connected is a mobile app for phones, iPads and Android devices. For security reasons, it is not available on a computer browser.