Fanny, Robert & the testing team

Fanny, Robert & the testing team


Fanny Davidson and Robert Davidson are parents who are also innovators in technology, creating apps and software platforms for home, work and play.

Fanny got the idea for Forever Connected watching their four-year old submerse himself in his pre-school yearbook and and how he engaged with his iPad.   Her question was "Why not bring these two together?"

"The yearbook is a place for personal memories to last a lifetime, and previous technology efforts in that industry have overlooked the personal one-to-one signatures that can be the most precious memories of all.  Forever Connected takes the page-layout of the printed yearbook and adds the element of personal signing, short videos and stickers truly bringing the yearbook into the technology age, without changing why we love our yearbooks."

—Fanny Davidson

In this era where moment-to-moment experiences are gobbled up in social media, we found an opportunity to create a digital platform to document and save a child's grade-by-grade experience, based on the timeless stories and photos already in the yearbook.

Forever Connected adds very short videos, and stickers as part of the communication, that are privately shared between students.


Forever Connected Yearbooks launch in the US, UK, Australia & Canada with the 2016-2017 yearbooks. They are available to schools through their yearbook provider.


Forever Connected Photo  Books use the unique IP & technology and will BE ANNOUNCED Q4 2019 launch Q1 2020.


Before creating Forever Connected and The Fanrod Group, Robert and Fanny individually managed over $100m in technology products for Fortune 100 companies including global banking and talent management applications that rely on data privacy and information security.

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