EVERYBODY deserves a yearbook that is Cheaper, Better and Easier

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The Most Affordable Yearbook

For just a few dollars per student, EVERYBODY in your school gets a digital edition of the yearbook.

Yearbook on Phones & Tablets

We love everything on our phones & tablets. Families keep their yearbook right in the Forever Connected app. No more lost yearbooks!

Yearbook Sales, Simplified

Let ecommerce take the work out of order-taking. Say good-bye to check collection. Forever Connected simplifies yearbook sales and distribution. Families can order a printed book in the Forever Connected app and it gets delivered right to their home.

Digital Yearbook Signing Party, Fun!

One of the great yearbook traditions is the book signing. Let’s bring that into the mobile age as well! With the digital yearbook, students can sign their classmates’ yearbook privately right from their mobile device! They can sign it with a message, some stickers, or a short video. How fun is that?! Time to plan for that digital yearbook signing party! 

And just like print, no one can write in your book without your permission. Forever Connected protects children & their privacy with time-tested security features.



Sign, sticker and send a video to everyone in your yearbook!  Forever Connected digital yearbooks look exactly like the print yearbook and are always with you on your phone or tablet.

Find out more about the digital yearbook features and time-tested security features.

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