Elementary students can sign, sticker and send video to their classmates with their parents permission. They can keep the yearbook safely stored in the cloud and on their mobile device. About Elementary School Yearbooks

High School & Jr. High Version

Jr. High & High School

Sign, sticker and send a video to everyone in your yearbook!  Forever Connected yearbooks look exactly like the print yearbook and are always with you on your phone or tablet.

About High School Yearbooks

Look in the back of your yearbook or on the flyer your school gave out for your access code to the digital edition!


The Membership Directory

the secure mobile directory for private organizations

Perfect for

Country Clubs
Homeowner Associations
Gated Communities
Schools, PTA’s
Sports Leagues
Dance Schools

any private organization!

Call, text, email, or get directions right from the directory

  • The best way to keep groups & members connected

  • Just tap a photo to bring up contact information

  • Super fast setup and easy to maintain

  • The organization can keep contact info up-to-date

  • The “Ultra” version includes printable, flippable book, which needs additional authoring software. Contact us to learn more.


Any yearbook can be a Forever Connected yearbook!

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